Flinja Success Story – Student Guided Tours

So simple and effective, Flinja is the only place I recommend to my friends on campus.

Courtney, a student at UCLA, talks about her experience using Flinja to really boost her summer tour guide business.

I am a campus tour guide, and during the summer months I also run my own tour guide business in Los Angeles.  Nothing has been more thrilling than seeing how my business has expanded since joining Flinja.  

After working my first year at UCLA as a campus tour guide, I decided to start my own local tour guide business to show students and tourists around LA.  

I loved the flexibility of being able to make my own hours, but getting consistent work was harder than I had imagined – there were weeks when my tour calendar was completely empty.

Feeling dejected over my part-time business, I called up a close friend, and fellow UCLA student, to discuss my state of affairs.  He laughed and immediately suggested I hop online and sign up with Flinja where he was getting more jobs offering his services as a computer repairman than he knew what to do.

Now, not only has my business grown hundredfold in such a short amount of time since signing up on Flinja, but I’ve also personally hired other Flinjas – the quality of students and alumni to choose from to get the job done is remarkable!  

As a female private tour guide, safety is always a concern, and so I’ve never been a fan of using Craigslist to get more work.  But with Flinja, I love knowing that my clients are in the UCLA network and that I can see who they are as well as get to read their reviews and ratings.  The well-thought-out secure payment system is also awesome, as I never have to worry about whether or not I will get paid. 

Flinja has created an experience that is beyond compare!  

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7 Tips for Hiring Flinjas

So you’re a UCLA alumni and you’ve signed up on Flinja because you need a video editor for your company’s Vlogs? A UCLA film student will get it done quickly for you. You need search engine optimization for your cupcake biz’s website? A computer science graduate will help your site get on page one of search results in a week. Need a public relations intern to handle your social media campaigns? Our pool of awesome UCLA students will dazzle you with their skills.

Okay, but before hiring a student or alumni to help you out, here are 7 useful tips on hiring the best Flinja for you:

    1. So that others understand exactly what you are looking for, be as clear as possible in your communications.
    2. It is helpful to give examples of what you would like done.
    3. Be realistic about your budget.
    4. Don’t always go with the least expensive Flinja.
    5. Use the reviews and ratings features – Flinja gives you unbiased reviews and ratings with thousands of Flinjas.
    6. Before booking a Flinja, ask for samples to make sure they really understand what you need done and to see if they are at the standard you want.
    7. If I can only stress one tip for hiring a Flinja, I would say to be concise and kind in your communications.  And if you aren’t sure exactly what you need done, just say so and ask for a few suggestions.

Now, just log in, browse through our network of awesome Flinjas, and merry booking!  

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Flinja Success Story – Student Manuscript Editing for Non-Fiction Book

Getting the work completed quickly and competently is one of the biggest benefits of using Flinja!

Steven, an author and UCLA alumna, shares his experience on Flinja and how he hired a UCLA English Grad student to edit his entire non-fiction book in just 12 days at a cost way below the quotes he had received on other sites.

I was pretty certain that I wouldn’t be able to find a book editor who could complete the task I needed in such a short amount of time, and for the price I could afford.  

But I was definitely mistaken!

My book was going into its second print, and I needed to find another editor right away as the person I hired for my first print-editing job was a real nightmare.  I literally had only a few weeks to find another editor for a complete re-edit of my published book so that I could submit it.

I sat down one day and began searching online for the holy grail of affordable, fast-working editors.  Frustrated and bleary-eyed after searching the internet for literally hours, I sent a mass email to everyone I knew, both personally and professionally, asking – rather, begging – for an introduction to a reasonably priced editor who could finish the project by the time I needed it.  

Fortuitously, a friend, and former classmate of mine at UCLA, suggested I check out a site called Flinja, where I could hire UCLA students and alumni to get the job done at an affordable price. I grabbed my UCLA .edu address and quickly signed up on Flinja where I began browsing through the many student and alumni service providers proficient in book editing.

The amazing thing is, after searching through the list of Flinjas for only a few minutes, I had access to hundreds of potential editors!  

If I had gone another route, I would have had to pay close to $3,000 with at least a month’s turnaround, but instead, $500 and 12 days later, my re-edited manuscript was in my inbox.

I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with Flinja and will be signing onto Flinja when I need work done on my next book!

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We Want To Hear Your Flinja Stories!

Hey there, I’m David, a Flinja wordsmith. Each story is about a voyage, and each time you post a job or hire a Flinja, it’s another story. We’d like to hear your stories!

I’m always writing stories – both on paper and through video.  I’ve been a screenwriter, and I’ve worked in film and TV, along with sales and marketing. And now, I have the awesome job of helping tell the Flinja story – which involves you!

After you post or complete a job, share something of your story with us.  Call to mind your Flinja experience and let us know how things went from your point of view. 

Are you a member of a UCLA Honor Society, a vegan, a yoga devotee, or a Bruins mascot? Are there any difficulties you faced? What did you glean from the experience? Share with us whether you had a good time, who you met, and what you learned. And if your story moves us in some way, we may even share it with the Flinja community.

Since we’re going to get to know one another better, here’s a little bit more about me:  I grew up close to the Big Apple.  When I was born, my head was so large that my parents thought I looked like an alien. When I was little, I used to strain and try to turn myself into The Hulk. I can speak Patois. Okay, okay, enough about me!

We’re thrilled that you’ve made Flinja your job spot, and remember to tell us your stories!

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